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jack ass!

Better than I've been in ages

Posted on 2011.01.17 at 20:54
Current Location: Home in Silverlake
No more fucked up on drugs Matthew. Well except a little pot. I am going to school full time to be a photo journalist and I am also a site rep at the los Angeles theatre found here www.thelosangelestheatre.com

The movement of the cars flight around me stirs emotions too grand to describe as I sit here on the los angeles metro. My brains memory stirs like the wind in streets. It's all the same really. My life barrels through the streets as well just like the 704 bus.
Much changes in my life, all in fact. Faces around me are unknown. Faces in my mind fly rapidly by me, people who have loved me, still love me, or hate me enter my mind pay the fee or ride for free... But still are adored and protected by me. Who knows if they are there with me at the last stop?Who knows if they aren't in it as an honest and good friend? I still will always be there for them the moment they need me to transport them to the truth, the love that blinds all darkness unhappiness and deceit growing larger by every moon. I am here for you still always. I haven't abandoned you or left you behind. I'll always be here the same matthew Bryan only changed for the better by all of the pit stops on all of the streets of life. Just meet me at the bus stop I'll be there, on time and ready to give you all I can and take you places we always said we'd go. This is my gift to all of you. One more connection in a world filled with chaos and greed. Your ride is here.

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jack ass!

Lost in LA

Posted on 2008.07.01 at 10:54

Not sure what to do. I'm off drugs now. Off the streets for a few days. Need help putting my life back together. Call me if you want to help me. 323 336 1724

jack ass!

A turn for the....

Posted on 2008.06.12 at 15:51
Current Location: Hollywood,ca
Current Music: Electronic

I'm really going through it right now. My life is messy and uncomfortable. What can I do to get out of this mess? Living day to day. Hotel to motel... If someone has a hand they could spare... Lift me out. I miss you all and still love you all dearly.

jack ass!


Posted on 2007.11.25 at 21:44
i'm going to continue wearing my sweaters around my waist even if its way outdated and circa 1994. you can all eat my ass!

jack ass!

I'm proclaiming...

Posted on 2007.11.19 at 12:06
Current Location: on my bunk bed
Current Music: sea wolf
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the most over dramatic song title of all time

"I don't know if i'll be back this time" by Sea Wolf.

i mean geez come on!

jack ass!

has anyone heard of emilie simon?

Posted on 2007.05.29 at 22:25
Current Location: my bed
Current Music: yes i am-radiohead acoustic
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if you havent, check her out. shes a french musician, with gothish sensbilities. i've only heard one track by her called i'll buy you flowers, it has a really cool dark tim burtonish cgi video that you can catch on youtube or divx. worth the three n a half minutes!

jack ass!

All this talk of music is making me hungry....

Posted on 2007.05.16 at 14:48
Current Location: michaels bedroom
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: figurine
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for a large helping of.....

their intestines mixed with all their new crappy new records...

The Matthew Pole (heh heh heheh You said Pole)

Bjork/Volta : I'll give that a 2 DICK! It aint got a practical beat you cant dance to it, or think to it... or survive near it..

Fucking Matthew Barney has turned her into a sculpture of herself.

Bjork! Take yourself less seriously and know we like you, you dont have to prove your eclectic ness to us.

Rufus Wainwright/Release The Stars

I'll give it a 6.

Whilst I am a very big fan of this tormented twisted soul, why does he feel the need to burden us with his sad sappy adult contemp styles? This man is brilliant and he could fart better songs than these, not only do most of them sound just like its neighboring slooow ballad, it seems so half assed in many spots, the opening track rocks the third track and the last twio rock, but the rest of of could be deleted from my itunes library in a flash of an instant. This is my least fav by him, and it feels awful sayin that.

Modest Mouse/ we were still ship sink blah blah blah
a big 5.
johnny marr comes into the band to confuse the sound of the album of a band already to commercially active and confusing to begin with

nine inch nails/year zero

gets a 9

thanks for showing us there can be politics on an album and it doesnt make us reach for the knife. and tanks for being an artist who is very serious but has fun.
"I push da button and daaaaaaaahhh"

Adult. Why Bother?
gets a 10

we all know how i feel about them.

Tori Amos/American Doll Pussy

Gets an 7

A valiant effort by miss amos. She may have written something requiring more than a match. I missed her since chiorgirl ended until now...

thats all i have to say right now as if anyone gave a shit.

so is it just me...

Posted on 2007.05.02 at 12:49
Current Location: michaels bedroom floor
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: nun
or is most music today half assed? even by the artists i like and have loved for years! it seems like people just aint trying like they use-ta.

maybe i'm just being a gloomy gus.

jack ass!
Posted on 2007.04.29 at 13:42
Current Location: Michaels Room in Silverlake
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: Why Bother? - Adult.
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As the years progress so much of my being seems stretched and tattered like the blanket my mom made for me that I realized isnt even around anymore.... Its ok! Cus I have myself, my small world, and my new "Adult" cd, "Why Bother?" Such a question.... I wonder why I should bother trying to keep things moving.... Oh! I know why... because Adult.'s new triumph makes me feel sane and completely normal! Its electro? Naaah. It's industrial? Naaahh.. Its NeoFolk? yes! Adult has created a new genre of electronic/rock music. Since they cut of samuel consiglio's(A member of the band for one year,last year head off they have also cut off the ugly head of modern music's bland and boring attempts of wooing small children into the proverbial brush to force them to like and love the things that are most horrid in the universe. Along with such herioc deeds, the new cd makes most people want to scream and run out the room to a neigh bors hows where hopefully they can hear Madonna's "American Life" and bask in the warmth of idiocracy. Nicole Kuperus shows of singing vocals as well as scares the old ladies and pussies of the world into their coffins and bomb shelters. When she isn't shouting and making annoying pitch bends with her voice as much as the last album, she is easier to belief and easier to hear at moments of stress. Most will probably say she stresses people out. I don't believe thats the intention, for she is only trying to please people who have the type of mind to process what is actually going on in her music. It sounds like she does it all alone, his is not true... Adam lee Miller kicks my ass as well. His beats and programming grow more and more interesting and mind consuming. His lastest arpeggios, chord placement and glitchs can be so hypnotic you walk into traffic and get hit by a bus, and die happily. It is hard core techno/industrial, with chord placements that are more distant and folk is by nature. Its more fun to dance to... if you can keep up with the beat, it yet again is perfectly timed, and should be well recieved by those out their who don't believe that waving an flag and celebrating a nations lemming-like approach to life blindness and blandness is the thing to belief in
This Adult. truimph has such appeal to so many sides of me. Here's a few tracks you should listen to:

1. Red Herring (It scared the crap out of me when I heard it because frontwoman,"Nicole Kuperus" seems to be singing. Her normal"threaten you to like her screaming" method of vocalization was no where around. It's potergiest meets portishead meets aphex twin.

2. Good Deeds (I was so excited to once again be in that cold dark blacklit room with thousands of screaming hardcore kids from the 90s all speaker bouncing and almost moshing the candy kids into an amoebic meld of fuzzy things,lollipops,guts and piss. It has some hardcore techno roots but has nicole kuperus showing of her bad ass timing and her ability to punch you in the stomach so much you like it!

3. I Feel Worse When I'm With You (This is the first non-single single on the album. It has a great video, a romantic comedy they called it on their site

4. I Should Care (Cause you should! Its the most put together seamless track on the album, with cool temper tantrum at the end!)

Go check out their site! the new videos are fucking weird and funny!

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